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OSH and Medical Service & Training Provider in Namibia and beyond

Vivo Energy - Oranjemund, Namibia




The training was outstanding, thank you so much for giving us such a comprehensive training.


We are happy!



Meinolf Shityava

Vivo Energy, Namibia


Gondwana Collection Namibia



OSH-Med International and the Gondwana Collection Namibia has a strong bond and working relationship.

Especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic the bond grow. Both companies in connection with the Ministry of Health & Social Services and the nonprofit organisation E.M.A. operated the drive through vaccination site in Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

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Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre

Thank you so much for your generous support and attendance at World Music Day. OSH-Med international definitely contributed to the ambience of the event and we are so grateful your team was on hand for all our safety and health needs.


Thank you so much! Merci beaucoup!

With appreciation,


Chantal Magano Kambrude

Cultural Officer – Franco Namibian Cultural Centre


Ministry of Health and Social Services, Namibia


Contribution made by OSH-Med International to the Ministry of Health and Social Services since 2010 to date.

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Jean Eugene Marais


ATA IH / OSH-Med is the best school for training in OHS, ECP, first aid, fire fighting and other courses. The staff are polite and couldn’t get any higher professionalism than at OSH-Med International.

Thank you to all staff members for the incredible 5 weeks of teaching us new things in ECP BASIC class of September- October. Without you it would have been difficult. I will definitely recommend your company to people that are in need of any training that you provide. Till next year!!!


Constriction Industries Federation of Namibia

The Construction lndustries Federation of Namibia has contracted ATA lnternational to facilitate our Health and Safety courses for a number of years now. Should you have any further queries, you are welcome to contact our office.

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ST Mary's Dispensary - Tanzania

On behalf of St.Mary’s staff, I would like to express our joy that we know something which we didn’t know and if we knew it was not right.

The two facilitator did their job very well.We have got the real training which will help us to save the life of our patients and the society.

We are well equipped now ‘it is a gift from all those who sacrifice their lives in order to save others.We were poor in skills, knowledge and equipment, now we know who we are.

How can we thank the Lord for His goodness through all of you? Yes, it is because of your Love and action on hand and mind.

Thank you very much for sending the experts for training us and for all the planning which have come to a very good action.

Therefore the knowledge and skills we have got we shall continual using it.


Sr.Martha O.S.B

2017-01-25 16.17.25.jpg

Solar Grapes PTY Ltd

Good day Melody / Fabian,

On behalf of Solar Grapes and Frontier Fruit I want to thank you for sending a kind and highly professional trainee (Warren) to help us with our required courses. You have a good team.

I wish to hear from you soon.

Lara Hough

P.O. Box 724, Aussenkehr Farms, Namibia, 9000

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