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Our Job Is To Teach Health & Safety Excellence

OSH Supervisor

For “1 day” courses (H&S Representative, OHS Act, Accident & Incident Investigation, and Risk Assessment) combined into a 3 day course. Comprehensive and ideal for H&S Supervisors.

OSH - Supervisor Core Course Objective

  • Introduction to Health and Safety

  • Legislative history, the constitution

  • Understanding the Act and regulations

  • Ministry of Labour/legislation


OSH - Supervisor Course Content​​

  • Important sections of the Act

  • OHS Act and regulations

  • COID

  • Introduction to incident and accident investigation

  • Incident and accident investigation process

  • Introduction to risk assessment

  • Risk assessment process

  • Health and safety representative

  • Incident and accident general information

  • Additional information


3 day full-time course (08h00   ̴  16h00)


Ministry Of Labour, Industrial Relations & Employment Creation

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