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Our Job Is To Teach Fire Fighting Excellence

Industrial Fire Fighting

Industrial Fire Fighting is a 1 day course in fire fighting with theoretical and practical training. Fire are usually devastating events. Our courses are aimed at preventing fires, creating a prepared environment and building confidence when faced with this unexpected emergency.

Fire Fighting – F2 Core Course Objective

We offer theoretical and practical instruction. Our professional instructors are experience in the emergency services and will train regarding to your needs. The courses we offer are according to unit standard accredited courses with the the Ministry of Labour in Namibia.

Fire Fighting – F2 Course Content

  • Fire introduction

  • Giving warning of a fire

  • The burning process

  • The fire tetrahedron, classes of fire

  • PPE

  • Extinguishing mediums and extinguishers

  • Fire equipment requirements

  • Methods of operation,

  • Operating procedure

  • Care and maintenance of fire equipment

  • How fire spreads

  • Fire prevention

  • Fire hose reels

  • Fire buckets

  • Fire blankets

  • Getting out alive

  • Lifting and carrying techniques

  • Fire suppression with extinguishers and hoses.

  • Practical fire suppression with extinguishers 



8 hours course


Ministry Of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation

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