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Paediatric Advanced Life Support - ERC

The PALS - ERC course is designed for all healthcare professionals who are likely to be involved, either as a team member or team leader, in the resuscitation of a child, infant or newborn whether in hospital or out of hospital. The course aims to provide caregivers with the knowledge and skills needed for managing a critically ill child during the first hour of illness, and preventing progression to cardiac arrest. Emphasis is given also to team management and non-technical skills.

The course includes:

  • Recognition of a critically ill child

  • Knowledge and skills in assessing and treating problems with the airway, breathing and circulation (including bag-mask ventilation)

  • Intraosseous infusion

  • Management of shock

  • Scenario-based training in the management of critically ill children

  • Basic life support

  • Treatment of choking

  • Neonatal life support

  • Advanced cardiac arrest algorithms

  • Shockable and non-shockable rhythms, defibrillation

  • Scenario-based training in the management of (imminent) cardiac arrest, severe trauma and special circumstances; with emphasis on non-technical skills and team approach

  • Post-resuscitation care and ethics

Entry Requirements

The Course is available to any healthcare professional who is registered as a Medical or Dental Practitioner, Intern, Junior Intern, Professional Nurse or Advanced Life Support Paramedic. Participants must be in possession of a valid ERC or AHA Basic Life Support Certificate. 

HPCNA - CPD Accreditation

32 Continuing Education Units, including 2 CEU's for Ethics.


Course Duration

2 days


CPD Desk - Health Professional Council Namibia

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