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What is the Injury on Duty Service (I.O.D.)

The I.O.D. Service gives your company the ideal service for accidents and injuries happening at the workplace.

We have you covered from time of the accident till return of the employee.

Service Hotline: 061-302 931 


Which services does I.O.D. includes?

The I.O.D. Service is the "One-Stop-Service" for companies.

We offer:

  • Pre-Hostpital Care with a 24/7 Emergency Control Centre, Emergency Services & Advanced Life Support

  • Hospital Care with 24/7 Hospital and Emergency Room assistance, Patient assessment & treatment

  • Case Management and Social Security handling and reporting from the first minute of the I.O.D. till the return of the employee

  • Post-Hospital treatment with Wound Care, Follow-Up Visits

  • Additional Services as Incident & Accident Investigation and Return to Work Assessment

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What costs are involved?

The I.O.D. Service assist your company to cut cost, quick response to all I.O.D. and gives the full service with case reporting and handling.

The costs involved depending on the service package.

For more information call the OSH-Med international

Service Hotline: 061-302 931

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Who is behind d.o.c.?

The I.O.D. Service concept is a joint venture of a great team:

Together they bring the patient care & service to your workplace.


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