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Our Job Is To Teach First Aid Excellence

First Aid - Level A

First Aid courses provide invaluable lifesaving skills for both the workplace and home environment. This course is a full First Aid course to learn first aid regarding the labour act, this course is registered as First Aid – Level A course with the Ministry of Health & Social Services and the Ministry of Labour & Social Welfare.

First Aid – Level A Core Course Objective

To enable the practitioner to manage a wide variety of injuries and medical emergencies at a First Aid level.

First Aid – Level A Course Content

  • Principle of emergency care – safety and emergency scene management

  • Artificial respirations

  • CPR, incl. AED

  • Airway obstruction

  • Wounds & bleeding

  • Fractures

  • Burn wounds

  • Trauma

  • Practical demonstrations & participation

  • Environmental illnesses,

  • Drowning

  • Poisoning

  • Bites & stings

  • Chest pain & paralyses

  • Cardio & neurological emergencies

  • Fits/epilepsy

  • Management of soft tissue injuries

  • Foreign management



3 days full-time course (08h00   ̴ 16h00)


Ministry of Health & Social Services

Ministry Of Labour, Industrial Relations & Employment Creation

Health Professional Council of Namibia - CPD Desk

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