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Our Job Is To Teach Health & Safety Excellence

Evacuation Planning & Evacuation Marshall

Evacuation Planning Core Course Objective

We offer theoretical and practical instruction. Our professional instructors are experience in the emergency planning as well Health & Safety. The courses we offer are unit standard accredited courses.


Evacuation Planning Course Content

The course content of the Evacuation Planning is: Purpose of an emergency plan, Evacuation procedures, Preplanning, Emergency Scene, Zone sweep, Types of emergencies, Specification emergencies & response, Communication Channels, General Evacuation and duties, Emergency response personnel, Authorities and responsibilities, Zone Marshall, Fire team leader, Fire team member, First Aid team leader, First Aider, Deputies, the evacuation and Emergency Drill – role play exercise for one floor.



1 day course (08h00   ̴ 16h00)


Ministry Of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation

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