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Together we will fight the virus.

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How does it work?

  1. Download your vaccination form here

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  3. Come with the form to the Maerua Mall, Windhoek

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Maerua Mall, Windhoek:

Shop No.3   (opposite Food Lover's Market)

Tuesdays to Friday:           Saturday & Sunday:

from 10:00 to 18:00           from 10:00 to 14:00

This is an initiative of

OSH-Med international & Gondwana Collection

and medical supported by E.M.A. & WFC West Care


COVID-19 Services

OSH-Med International offers a wide variety of COVID-19 Services. As one of the Namibias most prominent resources for quality Emergency & Medical Care, OSH-Med International specializes in a wide range of medical services. While we work hard to offer top-of-the-line service that help you, we also focus on service assistance to fight this pandemic, together with our partners.

Temperature Check

Family Care Solution

OSH-Med International offers the ideal short-term and home care solution for your and your relatives.
Our qualified staff takes care of your relative and is there for you.

Caregiver with Patient

Advanced Life Support - Response

OSH-Med International offers Advance Life Support assistance for companies, mines, Emergency Services by road and for flight assistance.

With our  fully equipped ALS-Response vehicle, we assist already various of institutions as EMA Rescue Service, City of Windhoek, Ministry of Health & Social Services and more


Medical Project Assistance

OSH-Med International is your partner for your Medical Project.  We assist you from the start to the end with our expert team. Our Medical Advisors assisted several projects in Africa and Europe. 

From planning of a Clinic up to a Hospital, or workflow assessment and optimisation OSH-Me International is your partner.


Onsite Medical Clinics

OSH-Med International offers Onsite Medical Clinics. From equipping your clinic up to running your clinic to the fullest, we can assist you.
Our experience and highly skilled staff is onsite there for you. Together with you, we design the ideal clinic for your onsite need.

Hospital Corridor

Medical Stand-By

OSH-Med International offers the ideal Medical Stand-By Solution. 
Medical standby is the provision of emergency medical care and first aid for participants and spectators in a pre-planned event.

OSH-Med International assist at events of all sizes.


Medical Staffing

OSH-Med International offers the ideal medical staffing solution for your need. if in a big city or at a remote site, our medical staff is available for you. 

Our certified and highly skilled medical staff gives your operation the need of safety your employees need.

OSH-Med International focus is on your need

Smiling medical personel

Join us at OSH-Med International and find out why the quality of our services is unmatched. Get in touch and learn how we can help you today.