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Medical Attention You Can Rely On

In Good Hands

What is Doctors on Call (d.o.c.)

The d.o.c. Service brings a doctor to your home on weekends, when most doctors are closed.

We have you covered from Friday 18h00 till Monday 6h00.

Call 085 - 9112 

for the d.o.c. Services

Which medical treatment does d.o.c. offer?

You feel sick or suddenly ill and your physician is closed on weekends? 

d.o.c. will come to your home and assist you. All examination and treatment options done by d.o.c. are as you know from a physician.

Call 085-9112

for your d.o.c. Services

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
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What costs are involved?

The d.o.c. Service and assistance is similar to visiting a doctor. Most medical aids will cover all necessary costs. If the patient does not have a medical aid, a fee according to NAMAF will be charged.

A small call out fee, of only NAD 160.00, for the home visit will be applicable.

For more information call the OSH-Med international Service Hotline: 061-302 931

Call 085-9112

for your d.o.c. Services

Who is behind d.o.c.?

The d.o.c. Service concept is a joint venture of a great team:

Together they bring the patient care, that you need, to your home.

Call 085-9112

for your d.o.c. Services

Hospital Corridor

Who is behind the idea?

Doctors on Call (d.o.c.) is a new concept in Namibia.

The original idea comes from  Germany and was brought to Namibia by the

Medical Advisor of OSH-Med international, Mr. Fabian Martens.

The idea behind it, is to enhance the medical treatment along with cost-efficiency for patients.


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